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The Anarchist Banker by Fernando Pessoa (in press 2018) (R. Schain, Eng. Trans. and Interp.) Toronto: Guernica Editions, pp. 79.

Notebook of a Philosopher II: On Board the Diligence (2018) Glen Ellen: Garric Press, pp. 157.

Landesmanís Legacy: The Abandoned Writings (2018) Glen Ellen: Garric Press, pp. 175.

Notebook of a Philosopher (2017) Glen Ellen: Garric Press, pp. 204.

Philosophical Artwork II (2017) Glen Ellen: Garric Press, pp. 293.

Landesman's Journal: Meditations of a Forest Philosopher (2016) St. Paul: Paragon House, pp. 182.

Toward an Existential Philosophy of the Soul (2014) College Station: VirtualBookworm Publishing, pp.117.

Spiritual Pathways (2014) Existential reflections on God and the soul in the form of a memoir. VirtualBookworm Publishing, pp. 116. (available from

Souls Exist, 2nd Ed. (2013) Revision of the 1988 edition with an epilogue. VirtualBookworm Publishing, pp.145. (available from

Interior Lights In A Dark Universe (2012) Expressions of the interior self and a defense of metaphysical reality. iUniverse, Inc., pp. 321. (available from

Sculpting Sententiae: An Art Form of Independent Philosophy (2010) The collected sententiae in book form. Xlibris (available from

Behold the Philosopher (2007) A memoir of the author. iUniverse, Inc., pp. 101. (available from

In Love With Eternity (2005) A collection of philosophical essays. iUniverse, Inc., pp. 79. (available from

Radical Metaphysics (2003) A statement about the metaphysical nature of the human condition and a critique of analytical-technological culture. Finally, I believe my true voice has emerged. Xlibris, pp. 172. (available from

Reverence for the Soul (2001) The title reveals the point of view. A precursor to Radical Metaphysics. There is not an iota of theology in this writing. Xlibris, pp. 209. (available from

The Legend of Nietzsche’s Syphilis (2001) A scholarly work designed to erase the belief that Nietzsche’s brain was infested with syphilis. The last chapter contains my eulogy to a great spirit, albeit one with human frailties. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, pp. 130. (available from

Souls Exist (1988) An early effort of mine on the subject of the metaphysical self. The fact that thirteen years separates it from Reverence for the Soul indicates the slow pace of my metaphysical development. Glen Ellen, CA: Garric Press, pp. 104, $12. *

Fanatic of the Mind (1987) A concise personal statement that is still a favorite of mine. Here are to be found many features of my intellectual autobiography. Glen Ellen, CA: Garric Press, pp. 73, $10. *

Philosophical Artwork (1983) This is primarily a historical work as seen through my own lens. It contains an essay entitled "The Meaning of the Erotic Impulse," which is perhaps its most valuable content. If for no other reason, its existence is justified by the poems it contains, especially since I have lost the capacity for poetic expression. Glen Ellen, CA: Garric Press, pp. 161, $15. *

Affirmations of Reality (1982) A breakout writing affirming my liberation from the oppression of professional and paterfamilias existence. Everything I have done since can be found here in embryonic form. Glen Ellen, CA: Garric Press, pp. 113, $12. *

A Contemporary Logos, Sententiae, Sentences in Small Spaces — all self-published around 1984. These are pamphlets containing my aphorisms, which I still consider as the highest form of philosophical expression. $3 each, $7 for all three. *


* Asterisked publications can be obtained directly from the author. See Contact Info. Please make checks payable to Richard Schain.